Personalised Champagne Boxes Perfect For Weddings

Frothy, golden, luxurious- nothing completes a celebration quite like champagne. It’s the drink most synonymous with joie de vivre and the good times in life.

Contrary to popular belief, this ultimate celebratory drink was not invented by Dom Pérignon, although he definitely made a difference to its production and quality. Supposedly, the first ‘sparkling wines’ in France were made by accident, with the pressure in the bottle leading to it being called ‘the devil’s wine’.

If you know someone’s most loved bubby, it makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. However, why not present them in a keepsake box they’ll love using again and again? This is an easy way to make it even more memorable.

Give someone their favourite bubby in one of our personalised champagne boxes and they’re guaranteed to want to raise a glass.

Ideal for weddings or engagements, our champagne boxes can be personalised with a special message. Made with a sliding lid, they can be personalised with the couples' names using our unique heart writing.

You can also add a location and date or short message for that extra special touch. Handcrafted using FSC certified pine wood, they’re the ideal size to fit a favourite bottle of wine or champagne.

We also have many other lovely gift ideas for weddings, engagements, birthdays, new babies and much more.

Find out more about our personalised champagne boxes or contact our team for more information.